• July 02, 2014

    Just hit 10,000

    Flint Builders Sign at Yurok Casino & Hotel

    Like miles on a car, a camera can only take so many pictures.....

    So, I just rolled over 10,000 actuations (pictures taken) on my main camera! The camera is 18 months old. Which for a professional shooter is not that many images for a camera. But Architectural Photography is one of the "slowest" shooting genres in the industry. We're mostly photographers with cameras locked down on a tripod, methodically thinking out lighting and sun angles. The other big plus..... we don't have to worry about Architecture moving! My client Flint Builders gets the plug here for being the 10,000th shot! Thanks Flint!

  • June 18, 2014

    Calaveras County moves to the big leagues

    Calaveras County Sheriffs Office

    This high tech building, in this rural area was put together by Dewberry, Flint, & Kitchell!

    I grew up visiting Calaveras County. My family has a tiny cabin in Arnold, CA. We’d take family trips there 6 times a year. As a boy emergency vehicles would always catch my eye. Police cars, fire trucks etc. Coming from the bay area to Calaveras County I noticed the lack of police cars around these foothill country towns. Thus making my time in the car much longer and duller. In fact, I think I only knew of one CHP SUV for almost the 20 years when I visited my cabin. But to photograph this complex was eye opening. Calaveras County is set to take on crime. This facility would make any department jealous. They’ve covered what seems every aspect of modern law enforcement under one roof. Forensic labs to modern media rooms. Way to go Calaveras County! Way to go!

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